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Movie Trailers by Zarva360 for Jiu Jitsu

| Health & Safety Management |

Established Film Set Health & Safety Protocols by ZARVA360


  • Managing the entire production’s medical requirements

  • Crew and Cast testing prior and during the shoot pr

  • Temperature testing stations with capacity of 1,500 crew over 3 hours
  • Private medical facility on set

  • Crew verification that they have been temperature tested by a bespoke RFID system

  • Doctors, Nurses and isolation booths on set

  • Covid-19 training for all cast and crew with specific training for specialist groups (e.g. costume and makeup).

  • Hand sanitizer stations and sinks, individual hand sanitizer bottle

  • Customized cleaning of all touch points , common areas, toilets, kitchens and catering areas

  • Nightly anti-viral fogging

  • Masks - Medical FFP2 and FFP3 standards

  • Specialized antistatic cleaning systems for Props, grips, SFX and cameras
  • Set up of ‘Greenzones’ for the shooting cast and crew with enhanced testing environment
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